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Employee/Board Authentication
CUIntranet allows employees, managers, board members, and administrators to login to their individual identity. The administrator can designate different permissions for different users, regardless of their user type. This will allow certain information and privileges to be available only for designated users. Furthermore, it will allow your intranet to become a rich source of up-to-date data built by the entire credit union.
File Management
Organize your credit union’s documents using CUIntranet’s File Manager. Create folders and upload files to a central location accessible from an easy web based location, and each can be given varying levels of permission. By including all of your credit union’s important documents, including policies, procedures, and forms, employees can quickly access needed documents, no matter their location.
Instant Messenger
Instantly send a text-based message, or quickly transfer a file, using CUIntranet’s Instant Messenger. Messages can be sent to an individual or a group, and can also be sent as a group broadcast to alert all users. The auto presence automatically updates users as being away when their computer is not in use.
Form Builder
Effortlessly build online forms and manage data with CUIntranet’s Form Builder. Creating an online form is easy and can be done without any technical experience.
Quickly resolve issues using CUIntranet’s Ticket system. Every intranet user can receive as well as post new tickets. As tickets are received employees can assign priority, add/remove users, categorize, upload attachments, and create to-do lists. Furthermore, since every user has access to tickets, it's easy to track responsibility and progress. Employees will be notified through e-mail when a new ticket has been assigned to them, or when someone replies to a ticket.
Message Board
The message board is a great place to have ongoing public discussions. Announcements can be posted in the message board to display on the home page of the intranet for a specified period of time.
All data on your intranet, including documents, are indexed and quickly accessible by the search bar on every page.
Use CUIntranet’s social feature to post status updates. Intranet users can post topics or comment on others updates, encouraging unity in your credit union.
FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment
Complete your FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment with our online tool. Peer responses are available for each question to make the process easier.
Easily assign and administer exams using CUIntranet. The administrator or manager may assign the appropriate exam to an employee to be accessed at their convenience. The exam is corrected on completion and scores are posted on the employees profile to be viewed by the administrator, manager, or employee.
The link manager is an easy way to manage all of the links to websites your credit union may use. Easy access to these links will help your employees quickly find these important websites.
Birthdays / Hire Anniversaries
Recognize employees birthdays and hire anniversaries automatically. Each month the widget will display birthdays/hire anniversaries for the month. Employees appreciate the recognition.
Time Clock
CUIntranet provides a full self-service time clock. Employees have access to a significant amount of information, such as vacation accruals and time entries. Supervisors can view their employees’ status and adjust time and accruals as needed. Uploading the data into your payroll software or payroll processor is easy with many pre-built reports or we will build any custom reports to meet your payroll needs.
Branch Locations
Allow intranet users to quickly reference specific branch information including locations, hours, and employees using CUIntranets Branch Locations feature.
The calendar makes it easy to remember important credit union events. Dates with events are highlighted and individual specifications can be viewed. The global calendar is an easy way to post and view events for everyone.
Detailed intranet usage reports.
As a hosted web-based application, CUIntranet does not require software installation onto users’ computers. Easily access your intranet anywhere you have an internet connection.
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